Aug 8, 2017

Bucket Of Sads: Barbara Cook

It's a sad day on the Great White Way. Broadway's legendary soprano has flown to the Heavens.

Though she earned lasting fame for "The Music Man," it's her cabaret and concert stints that her fans will miss most. This live Carnegie Hall record is one of her best. In the 1980s in Hell's Kitchen, every Broadway Baby worth their salt had this LP in their collection (well into the 2000s, freshly-hatched Babies have continued to carry the torch). No one sings "I Love A Piano" better. No one.


1ram said...

Buckets for Glen Campbell.

espo said...

Hi Cheerful hope you don't mind me pinching your "Saying" its the first and last time I will use It !!....It's yours you should "Patent" It......Cheers....Luigi !!

ANun said...

Wonderful to hear, thanks! Do you have the first Carnegie set as well?