Feb 10, 2013

Swingin' Barry, Georgia's Nibs, A Big Howdee From Minnie, A Classic Crime Scene, Plus An Oh-So-Very-Blue Secret Song!

Today post is full of laughs and romance and danger! But first, a little intrigue by way of John Barry's kicky 1965 score for "The Knack And How To Get It," a groovalicious soundtrack with funky organ, xylophone, a fabulously overactive percussion section and a horn section that'll  - pow! - blow you into kingdom come.

The movie, which is actually pretty good, is all about "Swingin' London" in the 1960's - mods! hippies! rockers! - and stars Rita Tushingham, the movie's "Jo" from "Taste Of Honey," so you know it's going to be so far out. And Barry's music jacks it all up. Did I say far out? I think I did. Trust me. You'll love it.

Speaking of groovy and all kinds of fine, say hello to Miss Georgia Gibbs:

In the Exclusively Cheerful Nibs! posting, Miss Gibbs herself - who started her career by performing jazz and R&B covers, then moved on to pop - starts off this 1966 collection with a wonderfully snazzy version of "Something's Got To Give." But my favorite is her take on "Do It Again." Not many singers can sound so scrubby clean, yet so down low and dirty, at the same time, but somehow Miss Gibbs pulls it off.

In the mood for a giggle? Me, too. So 'cmon, now, pull up a bucket of chicken and a box of wine, cuz Minnie's got a few story's to tell ya'.

I'd never really followed the career of Minnie when I was mini myself, but when I happened upon the 1963 comedy LP "Howdee! Cousin Minnie Pearl, The Gal From Grinder's Switch At The Party" something told me to grab it.

In this Cheerfully Downhome Exclusive!, Minnie chats about her booze-swillin' Uncle Naybob, sings a few songs, like "How To Catch A Man" ("Hog tie 'im!") and chitchats about her own looks. "A feller told me I looked like a fresh breath of spring," she says, then meekly corrects herself. "Well, actually, he didn't use those words, he said I looked like the end of a hard winter." Plus, she talks all about her "good friend Elvis." How can you go wrong?

I've always held a special place in my heart for film noir (and John Garfield, the ultimate dumb-luck hunk).

And yet it's not just the skewed camera angles, concealing shadows or nefarious storylines that have pulled me in. The danger-girl jazz-infused music adds to the fun, too, and most of it makes for great listening (even out of context).

"Crime Scene USA" is hard to beat in this regard with its collection of tunes from classics like "Double Indemnity" and "Mildred Pierce," to name just two, by a Who's Who of composers such as Alfred Newman, Miklos Rozsa, Max Steiner, Franz Waxman, Elmer Bernstein and even Marvin Hamlisch. It's perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon, but really, any day is a bad-girl good day for music like this.

Some time ago, The Secret Song File was crowned Miss Sausage Queen USA, and, yes, I know what you're thinking, and yes, you'd be right. How else do you think Beauty Queens win their crowns? They're not getting down on their knees for the Lord (rim-shot!) (oh, no I di'nt!).

What in hell's bells does that have to do with today's musical offering (or anything, really)? Beats me. So anyhoo, let's give today's hints in pictures! This popular jazz songstress with a poppin' new CD has THIS as a first name, plus a last name which sounds like the moniker of THIS chateau. OMG, was that supereasy or what?

Right, so when we start talking sausages and supereasy, it's time to hit the trail. 

Tell me if you've ever been crowned (and for what) in the comments. I swear I won't judge (too much)!


KH said...

Apple Lossless- yay!

The Cheerful Earfull! said...

Ha! Not for everything, but we try. ;)

Brian said...

I visit a whole lot of music blogs. Yours is the one I actually read and enjoy every word. Thank you!

The Cheerful Earfull! said...

No, thank you, Brian! It's wonderful to know that someone out there is reading the accompanying text. ;)

Il Templare said...

Georgia Gibbs "seems" the sound of silence...just files and no sound....thanks...really appreciate your work
Regards Santo.

The Cheerful Earfull! said...

Hi Il Templare,

I've checked both the link and the files and they're all playing perfectly. Are you using iTunes? If not, can the player you use play ALAC lossless files?

Maybe the files became corrupted during download. Try downloading one more time, and if you're still having trouble, I'll put up an alternate link for you.

Il Templare said...

Greetings....i tried the download again but same mess...
It's quiet strange cause i downloaded other material in M4A from your blog (last are Etta jones ans Nancy Wilson) with no problems (using KmPlayer as player).
Anyway thank you very much for the reply...saluti dall'Italia

The Cheerful Earfull! said...

Hey, Santo,

Here's another link in ALAC Lossless:


And just in case, here's a link with the files converted to regular MP3:


I'm sure one of them will work!

Il Templare said...

Hi, thank you very much, really,...but only the MP3 are working...what a pity....As i told you i have other material from your blog in M4A...never had problems...
Don't worry, no problems...you have been already so kind.
What about flac or ape? Can you consider these format in the future?


The Cheerful Earfull! said...

That's so strange you can't play the M4A!

I'll ask readers in a new post if they'd like FLAC. I haven't posted FLAC because I assume most people use iTunes and therefore can't play it, but who knows? I'll ask.