Oct 17, 2018

Pearlie's Blues, Julie's Sex, Tony's Live, Plus Vintage Esther And A Dub-Ish Secret Song!

It's Pearlie-time! Back in the 1930s, she was Philadelphia's favorite performer at all the finer black nightclubs. Then she went on to have a wowza recording, Broadway and TV career, as you surely know. A career in movies? Not so much.

Oct 12, 2018

Revenge Of The Secret Song: Mars Edition

It still feels like modern love, doesn't it? 

Oct 11, 2018

Hitch's Thief, Swinging With Midge, Plus Mildred's Blues, Vincent's Afternoon And A Stephanie Secret Song!

In this era of HD TV screens and surround sound systems, it's difficult to explain to people why seeing movies on a big theatre screen is worthwhile. Movies like the immersive "Lost City Of Z," or the intimate "Moonlight," for example, play differently, and much better, on enormous theatre screens. Yet as much as I think I know this, me and my Cuban Luvuh were flat-out stunned when we saw Hitchcock's "To Catch A Thief" in a movie theater a few years back. 

Sep 23, 2018

Linda Does It Live, Jo Ann Sings For Kim, Bev's Locked Out, Plus An American-In-Paris Secret Song!

Hold on, kids! Miss Linda Hopkins may have recently departed, but she's as vital and rousing as ever on her 2006 live CD.

Sep 21, 2018

Revenge Of The Secret Song: Stripped-Down Purple Edition!

Just the tip of the Purple iceberg, I'm sure, and what a great start!

Sep 16, 2018

Let's Jump Back in With Sophia, Gloria, Belgian Annie, Carmen, Plus You-Know-Who And An Old AF Secret Song!

Look at me dance! Look at me cha-cha! Look at me jive! Yes, my chickens, I've returned, my ordeal of annoyance at last behind me (or at least somewhat manageable). How very patient you've been, and I truly appreciated all the get well wishes. But for reals, enough about me. Let's get down to the tunes, yo!

Jul 10, 2018

What Happened?!

So there I was, giving a gorgeous hair-flip to a friend - and ouch - I got a neck injury, ya'll. Can you say, "Pain?" Here, I'll say it for you: "Pa-a-a-a-a-a-in!"

But for reals, that's why I haven't been posting in the last several months. A neck injury, followed by a minor surgical procedure, followed by more pain, with one more procedure to go. That, coupled with an unusually heavy work load for summer (so not perfect timing), has made me unable to keep up with this blog as I should be.

But never fear, once I'm recovered, I will return ("Thanks for the warning!" cackles the little bitch in the back row) (Gurl, I see you!). I didn't say anything to you at first, because I thought I would recover much sooner. "Just a little longer," I thought, then, "Just a little longer" again, until here we are. Best laid plans, amirite?

In the meantime, I hope everyone's enjoying their summer, and I can't wait to be back flipping my hair and posting more cheerful tunes!


Jan 31, 2018

Fall In Love With Janis, Giggle With Gilda, Sing Properly With Anna, Plus Bond Beats And A Wooded Wigga Secret Song!

I'm getting hints of Kylie Minogue in this ultra-glamorous shot of Janis Paige, a movie, TV and musical theatre star who topped the bills with song, sass and beauty from the 1940s through the 1960s. And get this, as of this writing, she's still high-kicking at age 95.

Dec 29, 2017

Ring In The New Year With Three Exclusives from Anita, Della & Rose, Plus A Wild Party With Keely & Louis, And A Name-Calling Secret Song!

Is it New Year's Day already? Not yet, but when it is, you'll no doubt be asking yourself a series of crucial questions, like, "Where the hell are my pants?!" and "Why are my undies caught in the ceiling fan?!" and "Wait, whose place is this?!" Trust me, we've all been there (haven't we?) (just nod, "yes").

Dec 28, 2017

Bucket Of Sads: Rose Marie

2017 needs to knock it off, already! Rose Marie - songstress, actress, comedian, legend - has wise-cracked her way into the great beyond.