Jan 1, 2013

Start the New Year With Peggy, Sophie, D'Angelo, Plus More Herrmann And A Sparky Secret Song!

Oh, snap! Is it really 2013? Yes, it is. Now before you go on thinking how super-modern you are, just imagine 1913 - and how super-modern they thought they were in comparison to the fuddy-duddys of 1813.

A hundred years from now in 2113, will we finally be living on Mars? Will Beiber-Fever be lost to time? And will we still be listening to Miss Peggy Lee? We might be, especially if her 1963 LP "In Love Again" - a Cheerful Exclusive! just for you - is still around to play...on what? An MP3 player? Naw. That'll be so-o-o-o dunzo by 2113, I'm sure.

There's a lot of fine tunes in this Peggy LP. She even dares to take on "Unforgettable," Nat King Cole's signature tune (and does quite well by it, thankyouverymuch). By the way, do you think Peggy's fashions worn in the photo above will still be around in another hundred years? Hmmm. The hat, maybe. The gloves, a provisional yes, but only if truly hotcha! drag queens still exist (as we know they will). But really, I just hope and pray that room divider beads, like the ones Peggy's peeping out from below, are still in vogue. They set such a mood, don't you think?

Speaking of turn-of-the-century, the one and only Sophie Tucker bridged the eras from the 1800's to the 1900's, so there's no reason she can't continue streaking toward infinity and beyond, right?

In Sophie Tucker's "The Last Of The Red Hot Mamas Greatest Hits" - a bawdy Cheerful Exclusive! for you and yours - the Mama in question takes you back to vaudeville's and burlesque's earliest days, a time when the girls knew how to shake it for their supper while remaining (almost) entirely clothed.

Innuendo is the name of the game in songs like "You've Gotta See Mama Ev'ry Night" and "Fifty Million Frenchman Can't Be Wrong," and no one delivers them with as much sass as Sophie. Plus, she does what I think is a definitive version of "After You've Gone," wringing all the emotion from the lyric, but with a bracing frankness and lack of sentiment.

In the future, will people still want to bompity-bomp while listening to fuck sex music from a certain hot piece below?

They might, because even though D'Angelo has stumbled a few times over the course of his career - drugs, money woes, etc. - he's still enormously popular in an age when Teddy Pendergrass-like bompity-bomp music is in short supply. Now that he's "back," so to speak, and in fighting trim, he's only gaining new followers.

His live concert recording in Stockholm is mesmerizing. And with song titles like "Gettin' Ready," "Left & Right," and "Brown Sugar," he's just as playfully innuendo-laden as Sophie Tucker. No, really. Listen to "Left & Right." Sophie would have been proud (and then she'd have stolen it for her own act).

Will movies like "Blue Jeans" (aka "Blue Denim") make it into the next millennium? That's a tough one.

To be honest, it's a big, flabby pile of cornball - an allegedly "daring" movie about abortion, though the word is never said out loud - so it's hard to make a case for why anyone would bother watching it, save for fans of Brandon de Wilde, the noted child actor ("Shane" got him an Oscar nomination) who made a surprisingly successful transition to adult roles (in "Hud" opposite Paul Newman), only to die in a tragic car accident in 1972 at the age of 30.

Still, there's another reason the movie might be remembered, and that's for Bernard Herrmann's genuinely moving score, the highlight of this next installment in Herrmann's 14 CD Fox series.

The Secret Song File is timeless, and so isn't much worried about this or that millennium. Guys will always be looking, leering, hoping. It's just the way things are. Oh, and people are certain to still be listening to music and partaking of ganja, both of which figure prominently in our discussion today.

Why, you ask? Because the best little alterna-electro group you probably haven't heard of yet encourages its listeners to indulge in a bong hit or two before playing their tunes, and even named one of their songs after said plant. Not only that, they really (heart) you.  But I can say no more. I could, but I mustn't.

It's the Year of the Snake! Do with that what you will. 

Have a totally awesome 2013, m'k?


Faze said...

Love the Peggy pic. Sophie Tucker! She holds up. Speaking of fashions, I happened to pull an argyle sweater like the one that gentleman's wearing in secret song picture out of the drawer recently and sent it to the cleaners, thinking I'd wear it on New Year's Eve. Then I thought better of it. Now it's back in the drawer.

Thanks for all the great posts. You're an education. My New Year's resolution for 2013 is to work on my appreciation of film scores -- I know they'll click for me one day.

The Cheerful Earfull! said...

Oh, the fashion shame of an argyle sweater. I feel your pain. I'd like to say that something like that has never happened to me - but I'd be lying. As for film soundtracks, don't force yourself. They're either to your taste or they're not. Have a fabulous 2013!

L'apprenti-poète said...

I'm trying to open the Audrey Hepburn file and the It doesn't work...Thanks for your wonderful website...I've tried to find a way to send an email and didn't find it...that's why I'm writing here,

Thanks again


The Cheerful Earfull! said...

Hi Martin. As you may know, all files on this site are password protected (as it says on the top right of every page). Just double-click the file, and when prompted, type:


That's it! That's all you have to do. :)

L'apprenti-poète said...

I know this...I usually have no problem to open a file ...but this one doesn't work...oh well thanks for answering to me....very kind...

Had the same problem with the xmas streisand...happy new year to you and thanks again for your nice website


The Cheerful Earfull! said...

Martin, I tried downloading the file and it was fine - but tomorrow morning, I'll load it up to a different server and we'll see if that helps! Also, I'll reup the Streisand Xmas LP for you as well.

In the meantime, try downloading the Audrey file with a different browser. Sometimes this helps. We'll get to the bottom of this, I promise! ;)

The Cheerful Earfull! said...


Try this new link for Audrey:

and this new link for Streisand:

Good luck!

L'apprenti-poète said...

A big thank you for everything...love your website...your love for Hermann's work and the joyful mood I find here.

PS:Have a cheerful year!

The Cheerful Earfull! said...

You're welcome, Martin! And a big Happy New Year's to you, too!

Jack Gardner said...

Any chance of a re-up on Sophie Tucker, the link is no more

The Cheerful Earfull! said...

Sophie's all yours!