Jan 14, 2014

Audrey's Latest Tiffany, La Lupe's Soul, Plus Electrifying Color And A Grammar Lesson Secret Song!

You can never have too much Audrey - or Mancini or "Cat." So if you're a fan of all three, this is your lucky day. At last there's a complete soundtrack for Blake Edwards' classic "Breakfast At Tiffany's," and its lusciousness remains as ageless as the pyramids. Why the pyramids, you ask? The answer's oh-so easy.

See, while Audrey looks great in the publicity photo above, let's be honest and admit that Cat is the real focus of the shot, since not only is he staring directly at us, he's also positioned himself within a literal pyramid between Audrey's back and arm. And that, my friends, is how you photo-bomb.

Ay! La Lupe is back in this ¡Cheerful Earfull Exclusivo! And, yes, she's just as tempestuous as always. Some things never change.

No emotion is too explosive for this legendary Latina Diva, and in her 1968 LP "Queen Of Latin Soul / Reina De La Cancion Latina," she pours her volcanic emotions into songs ranging from an especially heated "Tu Me Niegas (You Deny Me)" to a blissful, certifiably insane version of "Fever" (en Ingles and in Spanish). Yet the liveliness, even violence, of her vocals is no mere stunt. This was a singer who lived on the edge - then shot right over it. Twenty-two years after her death, her vocals still surprise. And burn.

Meanwhile, who is this DJ Shurikan and why should you care?

It's not nice to point, of course, but besides that, Shurikan's one of many renown indie-electro artists and composers, like Troydon and Kirk Degiorgio, who appear in the "Colour Series," a now massive 10-part UK collection of the best of the best, with each entry denoted by a color (or excuse me, colour) (it's all very organized, like crayons or lipsticks).

I'm not sure why these haven't caught on in North America, especially since they blow just about everything in this genre out of the water. And even if you aren't partial to electro-indie, or electro-jazz (or whatever it's being called this week), the Colour Series will make you a believer. Below, two of my favs.

The Secret Song File is wearing lipstick. It's red. She's also chuckling (deep inside) (because some things make her laugh). But if she really wants to smile and skip down the street without a care in the world (wearing exactly what she has on below), she puts on her ear buds and plays this new sophomore CD from a group that knows the parts of its body, and can conjugate them all.

Critics say it's a "futureshock blend of soul and R&B," which sounds about right, and they've won praise the world over. The Secret Song File knows from praise. Just the other day, she was asked, "Guuuurl, why you always in your undies?" To which she responded, "You ask stupid questions."

If you're in your undies, raise you hand!

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KH said...

The Colour Series is awesome! More please… ;)

The Cheerful Earfull! said...

I'm so glad someone likes them as much as I do (I should have known it would be you). I'll definitely post more next post after tomorrow's.

KH said...

Excellent! Sorry I missed your response earlier. (and only a few minutes later- embarrassing…)

The Cheerful Earfull! said...

No worries. I'm not always that quick...