Apr 12, 2017

Bucket Of Sads: Linda Hopkins

Will Broadway dim its lights tomorrow night?

Linda Hopkins has just left the stage after a storied career not only on the Great White Way, but as a renown blues singer, too. She gave it her all in 1995's "How Blue Can You Get." And trust me, if you haven't heard of her before, she's the real deal.


Anonymous said...

Your absence is creating a void. I miss your wit and humour. Hope the bad trump vibes haven't got you down.

The Cheerful Earfull! said...

Many apologies, Anon. Life, work, etc. - the usual excuses - have kept me from my usual haunts. But not for long. As for the "tiny, tiny, tiny little man" (hat tip to J.K. Rawling), let's just say that I try to stay informed, but not so much that my head pops off. It's not been easy.

See you here soon! And thanks for your patience :)