Jun 3, 2015

Bucket Of Sads: Jim Bailey

Only one man did so many women - to perfection. A classically trained vocalist, he arguably brought drag to the mainstream in the 1970s, performing at Carnegie Hall seven times, at the Super Bowl halftime show in 1978 and The Olympics Pre-Show Ceremony in 1984.
And yes, there's more here.


tony said...

Wow! Saw him at some dinner theater in Ohio in the nineties(?). First act was "Peggy Lee." The second act was Jim..himself. Unfortunately, the crowd was not nice to him during the "Jim" segment, screaming "We want Barbra!" By the time he finished, the room was nearly empty. People didn't realize that he did one different celebrity per daily show.

The Cheerful Earfull! said...

Damn, harsh crowd, though I admit I would've expected at least two.