Nov 16, 2013

It's Party Time With Jayne Holding It Up, Dianne's Lovers, Electrifying Swing, Plus A Broadway Baby Secret Song!

It's party time! I don't know how long Miss Jayne's been holding up that curtain rod, but she lifts it skyward whenever company comes over for cocktails and Frito Pie. Is there anything worse than your curtains falling? 'Cause everyone knows, once they do, the gig is up. All the neighbors can gawk at the soiree you didn't invite them to. So keep holdin' up that rod, Jayne! And, hey, save some Watergate Salad for me!

Just imagine. It's 1967. You're having a party. Need festive tunes? There's no better music to play for your posse than this Joyful Jayne Cheerful Exclusive! She coos, she squeaks, she giggles (she sings a little, too). Really, you can't go wrong. Just remember, even though you'll have your curtains drawn, I have excellent hearing, so you'd better invite me.

The party's getting low down and sultry. The lights are dimming. Keys are tossed in a bowl. Couples are intermingling. It's that time, if you know what I mean. Time to take Jayne off the record player and put on some Dianne. 

"Music For Lovers" really is "da bomb" as the kids used to say - her voice has never sounded so smooooooth, baby, smooooooth - but then I have a soft spot for any singer who can really scat. And while I've enjoyed her forays into folk and world music in the past, I'm glad she keeps coming back to jazz. It's where she belongs. In fact, she's the only modern jazz vocalist I can think of who approaches greatness. Aw, hell, we're having a party, let's just call her great and pour another drink.

Oh, no! Some smart-ass brought cocaine. Limbs are shaking. Eyes are twitching. People want to dance-dance-dance! Quick, clear away the coffee table, push back the couch, roll up the carpet, and switch out Dianne for some swingin' electro tunes. I know, I know, I've included a lot of electro lately, but for reals, this is an awesome mix, and it's guaranteed to get everyone off their feet (whether they're mainlining or not).

You know it's time for a party to end when the sun is rising, you're out of hootch, and some girl - you know, that girl - is going bonkers in the bathroom:

That means taking her car keys, calling her a cab and gently leading her out the door (or pushing her, if it's called for). Then it's time to clean. Yes, I know what you're thinking, you're dog tired, but if you get the big stuff done now, you'll feel a whole lot better when you wake up around 4pm (then you'll just have to vacuum up the Fritos). So turn off the electro and put on "The Thomas Crown Affair," circa 1968, to get you through it all. This is Michel Legrand at his most scrumptious; jazzy, trippy and just a mite silly.

You want to party? Come on over to the Secret Song File's place sometime (but call first) (texts don't count). Or accompany her one night to a jazz club or salon. She loves a good jazz singer, or a Broadway baby just lettin' it rip with a piano.

Did you know? A certain Broadway baby with a spanking new CD first gained fame (and a big fat pension) for her roles on TV's "Cheers" and "Frasier," then knocked 'em dead - hotcha! - in the revival of "Chicago." Sadly, she wasn't in the movie version, but so what? She's still got it, and in her new CD, she sings, she tells stories...she...oh, c'mon, you so-o-o know who it is. And, really, what's a Broadway soiree without her?

Don't be tardy to the party, m'k?

Leave a party favor (or two) in the comments, if you like!


Anonymous said...

WOW. FUN and HAPPY to see that there are still some cool blogs of music lovers and off-the-damn-iTunes beat...
I hate the way iTUNES will take one track from a rare compilation, and shit-can the collection by saying, "Theme from Alphaville" is available on iTunes...

So Rock on, fine person, and hey, I am in my 60's and lived in the 60's and ... I love women in lingerie...
I only hope that they don't decide to pull the plug on erotica, calling it PORN that DEMEANS WOMEN...

Ah well, let me shut up and let Jayne take over...

The Cheerful Earfull! - LIVE LONG as you can,
and PROSPER anyway possible.

Best wishes from NC USA


The Cheerful Earfull! said...

Thank you, Dan! And, yeah, I've tried iTunes radio, too. For an hour or so over a few days. Meh. That's all I can say about it.

As for beautiful women in lingerie, why the hell not? Beauty is beauty, whether female or male. As for crazy women in lingerie like Faye Dunaway, well, that's just icing on the cake. ;)